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  • Why don't I see "Highlights" or "Balayage" on your service menu?"
    I pride myself on how custom each of my guest's hair is. Each look fits your personality, lifestyle, and hair goals. Because of this, I am frequently using 3-6 techniques on each person. We may use highlights, babylights, and balayage on you in the same visit to achieve your custom look! I've simplified my menu to ensure you don't have to worry about how we get there-only the end result that you'd like. Head to the New Guest Packages or Services page to learn more about each package!
  • How do I know which service to book?
    Easy! You have two options; head to the New Guests page where you'll find descriptions of each package or contact me to chat about what look is best for you. Simply put, my packages focus on your desired end result- from subtle & dimensional to a dramatic changes. Head to the "New Guest Packages" or "All Services" page to learn more!
  • Do I have to fill out the form to book a new appointment?
    Because I take your time very seriously and I want to give you the best experience possible, I do require all new guests to fill out the New Guest Form prior to booking. This quick and easy form allows me to make sure that at your first visit we have enough time scheduled to hit our goals for the day, and helps me get to know you before you ever walk in our door to streamline and customize your experience to the fullest. If you're not sure what you want or are still confused about the process, please contact me at or book an in-person consultation instead where we can discuss your hair goals, budget, ideal maintenance schedule and more!
  • Do I have to have my picture taken?
    No, absolutely not! I love taking photos of my guests, for you to have to show off how amazing you look, and for my social media & website! I typically do standard before/after photos, plus for all color package appointments, I do a mini photoshoot as well. You can opt out of this with no worries from me, or you can modify the way I take them (no photos of your face, waist up, etc) depending on what your comfort level is. This is just a fun thing we have added to the experience at TMM Hair Co, but I will never force you to take photos with me and I will not post pictures without your prior permission
  • What do I wear?
    You can expect to have photos taken of you at your appointment, so wear something you'd be comfortable taking photos in! If you want to dress up, fantastic! I love it and we can have a ton of fun with your photos. If you want to dress more comfortably, feel free as well and we can take photos to your comfort level. Whichever is your preference!
  • Where are you located?
    My studio is located off Highway K, directly between Dierbergs and Club Fitness, inside Image Studios. I am in Suite 106. When you walk in you will go left and I am halfway down the hall way on the left.
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